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Aaron's art inspiration came during a college English class where the professor's words were filled with passion, force, and knowledge. It was there that he felt an activation spilling out from the core of his being, shifting his perspective to create using colors charged with energy to release his own passion to the world. 


Moving from Engineering to General Studies, he followed his intuition to an art class and studied the principles of design.  He discovered his ability to see the world through new lenses using meditation, music, and sacred geometry in co-creating with the earth's elements, applying materials such as stone, acrylic, paints, woods, and metals.  Aaron states that, "I see my art as a co-creation, the Earth's elements speak to me of how they want to be honored and presented. If marble has veining in it, I honor the innate design that's already in nature and compliment it, adding to it, in short an alchemy of creation." 

Aaron lives in Dallas, TX where works on his latest creations, installations, and sculptures. His art is in private residencies, and corporations throughout the country. He is also currently repesented at ADC Fine Art in Cincinnati, and has work at Prana Haven in Richardson, TX and Lightworkers Sanctuary in The Colony, TX. 

1. Tell us what inspires you to create?

Nature and it's inherent beauty is my greatest inspiration, beyond that the act of working on the art is for me a blissful experience and it feels like I'm dancing with the process of creation its self.  This experience I feel is now accessible by others when they connect with the art, a lot of times taking people to places they've never been before.  So interacting with the art becomes a true experiential endeavor.


2. What made you decide to pursue art as a career?

When I was working a 9 to 5 my heart spoke to me and said "Follow the art".  Ever since that moment I've been doing what I can to honor my heart, following my inner guidance and allowing my hearts highest path to unfold.


3.Tell us about some of the highlights of your art career?

One highlight is when a client said "Your art means more to me then words can ever express."   This sums up why I do what I do, helping create experiences that are beyond words.  Another highlight is when a client said  "The art makes me feel like I'm back home" making her house a home for the first time since moving there.


4. Tell us what accomplishments you are most proud of?

The art combined with the poetry, elevating our awareness and expanding our consciousness, inspiring others to connect with the universe at a level they haven't before.


5.Have there been obstacles you've had to overcome?  The biggest obstacle i've had to overcome is making the finances work with being an artist full time.

6. What goals do you have for yourself for the next 5 years?

Expand my working space, and equipment to create large scale art, and work with builders and developers in public places so the art will be able to reach more people. 

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